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Municipal & Public Building Construction

It’s time to shake off the old stereo types of public municipal buildings. Municipal buildings get a bad wrap for being cold, impersonal, and overly functional spaces. Just because a building is used for administrative and governmental functions, doesn’t mean they can’t look warm and inviting. Beyond administrative offices there are a host of other public buildings that people love to visit like gymnasiums at schools, fitness centers, and even the fire station. Walter Daniels Construction can handle any municipal and public building construction project you need. Since 1972 we have been remodeling, building, and adding on to municipal buildings across the Midwest. We can do;

  • New & Remodeled Buildings 

  • Additions 

  • Restroom & Locker Facilities 

  • Gymnasium & Fitness Centers  

  • Public Works  

  • Police 

  • Fire & many others


If you have an existing building that is in need of a face lift or addition we can help. If you need more space to accommodate a growing public works department, we can help. No matter what the scope of the project we have the experienced construction professionals to complete it on time and on budget. Walter Daniels Construction understands that working within a budget is important on public construction projects. We work inside the budget so as to not waste taxpayer money.


For outstanding municipal and public building construction services contact Walter Daniels Construction. We have the expertise and experience to complete your project on time and on budget. 

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