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Commercial Warehouse Contractor

With e-commerce on the rise, and no end in sight, the need for warehouse space is increasing. Consumers are doing more shopping online and brick and mortar retailers are shifting their focus to online sales to meet the demand. This means the demand for warehouse space is increasing just as fast.  Walter Daniels Construction is a commercial warehouse contractor with decades of experience. We can build warehouses capable of storing anything from sneakers to frozen food.


Before we begin construction on your commercial warehouse, we craft a plan to make sure everything goes smoothly. We start with a site evaluation to make sure the land is in good condition, spot any obstructions, and plot the layout of the project. We will conduct preliminary budgeting and design and start securing the necessary permits. Effective planning and budgeting are the hallmarks of a good commercial warehouse contractor.

Project Management & Supervision

Walter Daniels Construction believes in communication and keeping our customers informed on the project. During the build there will be persistent communication from our team so that you are always up to date. Being open about the pace of the project and any situations that arise makes it easier to overcome them and get back on track. We will provide real time communication using the latest technology. Our goal is to always be on or ahead of schedule so that your timeline isn’t disrupted. We understand that have your own schedule and expectations for occupancy and we work hard to make that happen.

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