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Airport Construction Company

Erecting structures, remodeling tenant spaces, and construction work in general is difficult work. It takes a team of dedicated professionals that know their job and take it seriously. Engineers, laborers, carpenters, fabricators, and electricians all working together to get the job done. Now put all those people in one of the most secure environments, and airport.  Being an airport contractor comes with its own set of challenges. Walter Daniels Construction is an airport construction company that has done extensive work at O’Hare and Midway airports in Chicago. We have the necessary security clearances and know the rules and regulations in airports governing construction projects. Our team can do lots of different projects within an airport.


  • Retail stores

  • Concession areas

  • Restaurants

  • Airport tenant spaces

  • Lounges

  • Baggage claim

  • Security entrance


As a leading airport construction company, Walter Daniels Construction strives to make life a little easier and more comfortable for travelers. We do that by working closely with the airport administration to find out what their needs are and what issues the structure is facing. Communication before, during, and after the project is continuous so all challenges are met head on. We are a trusted airport contractor that takes pride in every project we take on.


Walter Daniels Construction knows that challenges of working on and in an airport. Contact a representative today so we can begin discussing your next airport construction project.

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